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Gareth Bale Faces a Ban from Playing Golf during the Euro 2020 to Prevent Injury

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Wales superstar Gareth Bale could be banned from playing golf in the Euro 2020 to prevent injuries.

During his time at Real Madrid, it became evident that Bale loves to play golf during his free time. His obsession on the hobby has even led his teammates calling him “the golfer.”

Most recently, his golf obsession became extremely popular when he seemed to suggest that he priorotised golf over Real Madrid.

It was when Wales had defeated Hungary to secure their spot for the Euro 202, when Bale displayed a Welsh flag in celebration of their qualification. “‘WALES. GOLF. MADRID. IN THAT ORDER” were the words imprinted on the flag, creating some controversy.

Naturally, the club fans resorted to jeering and booing when Bale finally returned to play as for them against PSG in the UEFA Champions League. Bale however, seemed immune to it, and was seen grinning and laughing at those boos.

His grin might not remain the same now when if he is indeed banned from playing golf. Jonathan Ford, the chief executive of the Welsh Football Association, said Bale may have to go without his favourite hobby during Euro 2020 as per Sky Sports.

“Ryan (Giggs) is clear that while in camp, our focus should be on the football,” said Ford. “Golf won’t be on my checklist when I look at base camps.

“You can’t be in a situation where you have players risking their fitness by playing golf.

“I appreciate that some players look at it differently. You can’t train all day so there has to be some entertainment for the guys.”

Wales were placed in Group A along with Turkey, Italy and Switzerland in the Euro 2020 draw that was announced earlier in the week.

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